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 +TitleEngTAG ​
 +<​HTML><​H3>​Data Distribution Import Setup</​H3></​HTML>​
 +On this page you have to specify the changes you want to import in a database, when coming from a remote Peer.
 +Normally you wouldn'​t import every information coming from a remote Peer: as a security measure, the import is disabled by default. Sprinkler will allow you to configurate the following behaviours:
 +  * Import data from homologous tables (ex. from remote source Table 18 [Customer] to local target Table 18 [Customer])
 +  * Import data from not homologous tables (ex. from remote source Table 18 [Customer] to local target table 50000 [Partner'​s Customer])
 +  * Import all (received) fields from remote source table, or only a subset of them
 +  * Import some specific source table'​s field into specific fields of the target table, for example if tables have a different schema.
 +  ​
 +The Setup table has the following unique key: [Server ID], [Table No.], [Field No.]: it means that in the SprinklerTAG eeTAGLiteTAG version you can create different configurations for data incoming from different Peers; in SprinklerTAG LiteTAG version only one configuration is allowed, so you can only import data from a single Peer.
 +  ​
 +The available fields are:
 +  * **Server ID** – Unique Identifier of the remote Peer (as shown in his Data Distribution Setup).
 +  * **Table No.** – Identifier of the remote source table.
 +  * **Field No.** – Identifier of the remote source field. If [Field No.] is zero, this configuration line refers to the whole table (and it is called a //Table Configuration//​ line). A Table Configuration is mandatory to handle the data incoming from a specific table of a specific Peer.
 +  * **Translate to Table No.** – Shows the identifier of the target table. It is commonly equal to //Table No.//, but you may decide to transfer the data incoming from T.18 Customer table to T.50000 Partner'​s Customer table. This setup is significant only for a Table Configuration line.
 +  * **Translate to Field No.** – Shows the identifier of the target field. This setup is significant only for Field Configuration lines (//Field No.// different from zero).
 +  * **Processing Order** – This field is not significant,​ because validations are not applied on the destination record.
 +  * **Table Caption** and **Field Caption** are automatically filled with corresponding values from target'​s table and field.
 +  * **Table Import Configuration** – For a Table Configuration line, if the value of this field is "All Fields",​ it means that all fields are imported for this table; if the value is "Some Fields",​ only the explicitally configured fields (i.e. having a specific Field Configuration line) have to be imported. ​
 +  * **Nr. Record** – Shows the record count for the table with identifier //Translate to Table No.//.
 +  ​
 +__WARNING__:​ although such a configuration is technically permitted, we suggest to not translate the fields that are part of the key of a table: this translation is made in a more complex way than other translations,​ and it is very time-consuming. ​
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