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 +TitleEngTAG ​
 +<​HTML><​H3>​Handled and Not-Handled Errors</​H3></​HTML>​
 +During the replication on target database, sometimes errors are detected: this can be attributed to a different structure of the database (missing tables or missing fields), or to a different data existing on the database. ​
 +**Handled Errors**
 +When an error is detected it is impossible to complete the operation: the transaction is canceled, possibly rolling back what has already been modified, and a copy of the incoming data is inserted into the [Data Distrib. Import Error] table; [Error Handling Code] field will show the detected error.
 +The currently detected errors are:
 +  * INSERT: Table not exists(‘I-NOTBL’)
 +  * INSERT: Record already exists (‘I-DUPL’)
 +  * INSERT: Field not exists (‘I-NOFLD’)
 +  * MODIFY: Table not exists (‘M-NOTBL)
 +  * MODIFY: Modified record not found (‘M-NOREC’)
 +  * DELETE: Table not exists (‘D-NOTBL’)
 +  * DELETE: Deleted record not found (‘D-NOREC’)
 +  * RENAME: Renamed record not found (‘R-NOREC’)
 +  * RENAME: A record with the new key already exists (‘R-EXIST’)
 +  * RENAME: Unknown error detected while renaming (‘R-UNKNW’). This error is logged when the error has been rised by the OnRename trigger executing on target NAV database.
 +There are no pages showing the [Data Distrib. Import Error] table, but this table can be accessed via SQL Server.
 +**Not-Handled Errors**
 +Currently no reported unmanaged errors.
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