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 +<​HTML><​H3>​Manual Installation - <a class="​eeRis-Sprinkler">​Sprinkler</​a>​ <a class="​eeRis-Lite">​Lite</​a>​ / <a class="​eeRis-ee2">​ee</​a><​a class="​eeRis-Lite">​Lite</​a></​H3></​HTML>​
 +<​HTML><​H3>​Step 2 - Staging database creation</​H3></​HTML>​
 +To isolate the replication process from the normal operation of NAV, all data copy between databases will occur between the staging database, not directly between the NAV databases
 +Any company interested in the data distribution process will require a separate staging database.
 +The database can be created directly from [Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio]: the only caveat is to create it possibly with [Recovery Mode] Simple. In the following examples, you assume that you have created the database with the standard name **SprinklerDB**.
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