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 +TitleEngTAG ​
 +<​HTML><​H3>​Manual Installation - <a class="​eeRis-Sprinkler">​Sprinkler</​a>​ <a class="​eeRis-Lite">​Lite</​a>​ / <a class="​eeRis-ee2">​ee</​a><​a class="​eeRis-Lite">​Lite</​a></​H3></​HTML>​
 +<​HTML><​H3>​Step 3 - Service and Administration User</​H3></​HTML>​
 +Choose carefully what will be the Sprinkler Administrator User (this is the User who executes the Sprinkler Middle Tier Service, and that will execute any data import operations):​ then attribute to this User the full read and write permissions on Sprinkler database (public, db_datareader and db_datawriter). In our example, we choose the user ** NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE **:
 +  * Sprinkler database permissions:​ public, db_datareader e db_datawriter.
 +  * Please remember that any password issue on this User will possibly affect the execution of the Data Distribution System.
 +  * This user must have access to NAV, and must have read and write access to all the tables where the replicated data will be entered. Normally, it is created with SUPER role because it may be required to write on all tables, if so configured. The minimum set of permissions,​ other than those required to write into replicated tables, is only on Sprinkler objects of the numbering 3000000.
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