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 +TitleEngTAG ​
 +<​HTML><​H3>"​On Demand"​ Replication Function</​H3></​HTML>​
 +In SprinklerTAG eeLiteTAG version, developers can use the new "On Demand"​ replication function.
 +This feature will allow you to manage, for example, the following scenarios:
 +  * The automatic data export is not active, or you just want to replicate one or more records in the target database.
 +  * Before the activation of the automatic data export, you want to feed all the tables with current data (this operation was however already possible through manual [[AdvancedReplication|Advanced Replication Functionality]])
 +  * You want to build a test scenario with a series of predetermined data, and the operation must be repeatable.
 +  * You have to archive one or more tables data on a historical database: for example, sale and purchase documents with related tables, with [Posting Date] lower than a specified date.
 +There is a public Function of [Spk Management] codeunit that allows you to reach the goal:
 +<​code>​Replicate_Record(parmRecord : Variant, Peer : GUID)</​code>​
 +//​parmRecord//:​ can be both Record and RecordRef type variable
 +**Example** - You need to replicate to a remote historical database the data of tables [Sales Invoice Header], [Sales Invoice Line] and corresponding [G/L Entry] so you can navigate those documents correctly. All the documents with [Posting Date] up to 12/31/2016 must be copied. We suppose that the schema of all involved tables are identical in Source and Target Peer's databases.
 +Before to start, in the Target Peer you have to create the following Importing Setup for all [Sales Invoice Header], [Sales Invoice Line] and [G/L Entry] tables: this setup will be active in ~1 minute. No further setup are necessary on the Source Peer.
 +**Solution** - Create the following variables:
 +^Name ^DataType ^SubType ^
 +|SpkMgt |Codeunit |Spk Management |
 +|Peer |Record |Data Distrib. Peer |
 +|SalesInvHdr |Record |Sales Invoice Header |
 +|SalesInvLine |Record |Sales Invoice Line |
 +|GLEntry |Record |G/L Entry |
 +The code is:
 +LastDate := 311216D;
 +Peer.GET('​{60632e40-a50d-11e7-9598-0800200c9a66}'​); ​   //Remote Peer ID
 +SalesInvHdr.SETFILTER("​Posting Date",'<​=%1',​LastDate);​
 +  SpkMgt.Replicate_Record(SalesInvHdr,​Peer."​Server ID");
 +  SalesInvLine.SETRANGE("​Document No.",​SalesInvHdr."​No."​);​
 +    SpkMgt.Replicate_Record(SalesInvLine,​Peer."​Server ID");
 +  UNTIL SalesInvLine.NEXT = 0;
 +  GLEntry.SETRANGE("​Document Type",​GLEntry."​Document Type"::​Invoice);​
 +  GLEntry.SETRANGE("​Document No.",​SalesInvHdr."​No."​);​
 +    SpkMgt.Replicate_Record(GLEntry,​Peer."​Server ID");
 +  UNTIL GLEntry.NEXT = 0;
 +UNTIL SalesInvHdr.NEXT = 0;
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