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-FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yet. Please help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)// 
-<​HTML><​H1><​a class="​eeRis-ee">​ee</​a><​a class="​eeRis-Ris">​Ris</​a>​ <a class="​eeRis-Sprinkler">​Sprinkler</​a> ​ 
-<a style="​font-size:​ 0.7em;">​v.0.5.00</​a>​ 
-<a style="​font-size:​ 0.5em;">​for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 - 2015 - 2013R2</​a></​H1></​HTML>​ 
-<​HTML><​H3>​What can Sprinkler do for you?</​H3></​HTML>​ 
-Sprinklers can be used successfully by NAV partners and customers for a variety of purposes, among which we can list: 
-  * Fulfill application requirements for data replication during the NAV daily use (master data shared between different companies, etc) 
-  * Detect and report specific data change with a simple configuration available to administrators 
-  * Make fields or whole tables not editable, without any code modification 
-  * Simplify the deployment of new companies by replicating the configuration tables in an automated way 
-  * Centralize the management of the most critical tables (exchange rates, setup records, tax codes, etc.) so that the Partner can have a consistent situation for all NAV Customers 
-  * Manage the data update between environments:​ Development,​ Test, Integration and Production 
-  * Simplify automatic test processes through the ability to create set of predetermined data to be entered into the database before performing the test, and to delete them after test execution 
-  * Create Early Anomaly Detection systems through the reporting of critical data modification 
-Evidently the possible applications of Sprinkler are many more than those suggested, and more than we could imagine: we will work to make this product more functional and flexible so that it can become a popular tool, appreciated among the Partners and NAV Customers. 
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