Does your Company or Group use Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

eeRis Sprinkler could meet your needs of shared data synchronization and management among several Companies in the same NAV database or in different databases. Recommend your Partner to contact us in order to find the right solution for you!

Are you a Microsoft Partner implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Did your Client ask you to keep some of the data synchronized among several databases or Companies?Did you perform development activities in a local database and you need to upload some of the data to the Client’s database?Do you want to internally maintain some tables (exchanges rates, VAT codes, etc.), sharing them with several Clients?Do you need to create or keep up-to-date the data collected in development, test, integration or storage databases?eeRis Sprinkler meets the need of synchronizing data in real time or in batch among several Companies in the same NAV database or in different databases. The setup is simple and instant, also for complex synchronization requirements.A product conceived for Partners implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Connectivity is simpler with Sprinkler. The linked servers can be in the local network or distributed. The practical solution is here, try it out!


In the development process, we minimize the impact on the normal user operation, outsourcing the most burdensome tasks to dedicated Application Servers.

Update Assured

The update is assured: Sprinkler is constantly kept up-to-date with releases dedicated to the specific versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Dedicated Support

Do you have questions? Sprinkler offers a Partner specific support, with the option of on-site interventions for training and assistance.

Product versions

Features v.0.7.00


Sprinkler eeLite

On-demand data replication (Insert, Modify)XXNearly Real Time data replication (Insert, Modify, Delete, Rename)XUnidirectional or bidirectional data distribution between different Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases, even different versionsXXData distribution between different Company on the same Microsoft Dynamics NAV databaseXXMicrosoft Dynamics NAV databases can be built on the same SQL Server (distribution via Stored Procedures)XXMicrosoft Dynamics NAV databases can be built on different SQL Servers or Instances (distribution via SSIS Packages) XXMicrosoft Dynamics NAV databases can be built on different SQL Servers (connected via eeRis DeliveryLayer relay service, hosted in Azure cloud)incomingTargeting the same table (ex. T.18 Customer on T.18 Customer) or not corresponding table (ex. T.18 Customer on T.50000 Partner’s Customer)XXTargeting the same field (Field1 on Field1) or not corresponding field (Field1 on Field50000)XXDifferent targeting setup for data imported from different master databases (ex. data for [Customer] imported from HeadQuarter master database and data for [Currency Exchange Rate] imported from Partner master database)XXDistribution configuration can be imported and exported in .xml fileincomingConditional distribution described by filters on data (ex. only changes on Active Customers should be replicated)XXTable replication utilities: simulated INS, MOD or INS + MOD for every record of the tableXXOn-Demand single record replication function available for developersXSetup available to make a table or specific fields not editable, without code modificationX



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