Master Data Handling

Data Synchronization and Master Data Handling

eeRis Sprinkler Data Distribution meets your needs of shared data synchronization and management among several Companies between databases of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, even in SaaS environments. Recommend your Partner to contact us in order to find the right solution for you!

…has never been easier!

  • Do you need to keep some of the data synchronized among several databases or Companies?
  • Do you want to transmit or receive data from your Customers or Suppliers if they use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?
  • Do you need to create or keep up-to-date the data collected in development, test, integration or storage databases?
eeRis Sprinkler Data Distribution meets the need of synchronizing data in real time or in batch among several Companies belonging to different instances or environments. The setup is simple and quick, also for complex synchronization requirements.
A product designed for every implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, both SaaS and On-Premises.


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Connectivity is simpler with Sprinkler. The connected servers can be in the local network or distributed, or even SaaS. Try this solution today!


In the development process, we minimized the impact on the normal user operation, outsourcing the most burdensome effort to scheduled tasks.

Continuous Update

The update is assured: Sprinkler is constantly kept up-to-date with releases dedicated to the specific versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dedicated Support

Do you have questions? Sprinkler offers a Partner specific support, with the option of on-site interventions for training and assistance.

Features on Version   (2022-Mar)

– Nearly Real Time data replication (Insert, Modify, Delete, Rename)
– On-demand Data Replicaton

New on v19.4: Events enabled (OnBefore/OnAfterSpkInsertRecord, OnBefore/OnAfterSpkModifyRecord, OnBefore/OnAfterSpkDeleteRecord, OnBefore/OnAfterSpkRenameRecord)

– Unidirectional or bidirectional data distribution between different Companies of the same database
– Unidirectional or bidirectional data distribution between different Business Central databases, even if different versions, both SaaS and OnPrem
– Optimized data tranfer via Web Services calls
– Data distribution targeting the same table (ex. T.18 Customer on T.18 Customer) or not corresponding table (ex. T.18 Customer on T.50000 Partner’s Customer)
– Data distribution targeting the same field (Field1 on Field1) or not corresponding field (Field1 on Field50000)
– Different targeting setup for data imported from different master databases (ex. data for [Customer] imported from HeadQuarter master database and data for [Currency Exchange Rate] imported from Partner master database)
– Conditional distribution described by filters on data (ex. only changes on Active Customers should be replicated)
– On-Demand table replication utilities
– On-Demand single record replication function available for developers
– Setup available to make a table or specific fields not editable, without code modification