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Test Tool integration

Starting from version v.0.6.00, a new test codeunit is developed for use with the Test Tool present in the latest versions of NAV. The development of this codeunit is still ongoing, the latest features will be added in the next versions, but this codeunit can be now used to verify the correctness of Sprinkler setup.

Our new Forum

It is important for us to provide support and advice to all our customers. In our new Forum you can find solutions to your problems, suggest new features, and discover new uses of Sprinkler.

Lite and eeLite versions specialization

From version v.0.6.00 we have better defined the functionality of Lite and eeLite versions: the Lite version is designed for Partners and is free. It would be a convenient tool for deploying new developments, or for manual alignment of companies; upcoming versions will offer simplified control tools and settings to make this tool very easy […]

Preview: Sprinkler 0.7.00

Sprinkler’s development roadmap includes changes to the staging tables of the Sprinkler database to reduce bandwidth requirements and the introduction of Web Services to exchange data. The new version will be available in all versions starting October 2017.

Call for Partners

No one better than a Partner can fully understand the needs of customers, and eeRis is ready to develop specific solutions for these requirements: deploying new functionality in Sprinkler will ensure that new versions will always be tailored to your customers’ expectations. We suggest you contact us for specific inquiries.

QBS Group Partnership

Starting from June 2017 eeRis becomes a partner of Quattro Business Solutions (QBS Group). We access thereafter to a large European organization that will support us in business development and continuous improvement of our products. For further informations, see Quattro Business Solutions