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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x

<HTML><H3>Roles and Permission Set</H3></HTML>

No SUPER permission is required to operate Sprinkler extension, or to configurate it.

Sprinkler defines the following Permission Sets:

eeRis Sprinkler Administrator: the EERIS SPK ADMIN Permission Set allows the full Sprinkler configuration.

eeRis Sprinkler Service User: the EERIS SPK SERVICE Permission Set allows the main operations of import and export data. The user defined as Data Distribution Service User needs this Permission Set.

eeRis Sprinkler Service User DEMO: the EERIS SPK SVC DEMO Permission Set is a demo/test one, having rimd permission over some standard tables, used for the test required for Microsoft AppSource certification and must not be used ina a production database. Please refer to page Data Distribution Service User for further details.

eeRis Sprinkler User: the EERIS SPK USER Permission Set must be applied to ALL USERS having permissions over the tables configured for data export. WARNING: without this permission, the users will not be able to operate over these tables.

eeRis Sprinkler WebService User: the EERIS SPK WS Permission Set must be applied to the user for the remote authentication to the Web Service exposed by Sprinkler. Please see the page Web Services for further details.

eeRis Sprinkler Monitoring: the EERIS SPK MONITORING Permission Set is needed by user in charge of Sprinkler activity monitoring, but without Sprinkler setup modification permissions.

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