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eeRis Sprinkler v.22.0
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central up to v.24.0

Price List

Sprinkler is sold on an annual subscription basis through AppSource, or with a Perpetual License for OnPrem installations.

The single license allows you to use Sprinkler within a single Tenant for SaaS installations, or to use Sprinkler connected to a VOICE license for OnPrem installations.

Each single license allows you to define up to 128 Source Peers and an unlimited number of Target Peers (which will need to be Source Peers of another license).

Any additional licenses purchased together with the main license for different Tenants or separate VOICE licenses are discounted compared to the main license.

Contact us to obtain the updated price list!

If you are a Partner, contact us for Distribution agreements, Partner-exclusive offers, and OnPrem installations.

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