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eeRis Sprinkler v.22.0
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central up to v.24.0

What can Sprinkler do for you?

Sprinklers can be used successfully by Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners and Customers for a variety of purposes, among which we can list:

  • Master Data Management: Fulfilling application requirements for managing master data and data replication during the daily use of Dynamics 365 Business Central (for example, shared Customer and Vendor databases among companies within the same Group, consolidation of accounting data, etc.);
  • New Company Creation: Streamlining the process of creating new Companies within the database by automating the replication of configuration tables (for example, dimensions, setup registrations, etc.);
  • Data Maintenance: Centralizing the management of the most critical tables (for example, exchange rates, VAT codes, etc.) within a single Company to ensure consistent logic applies across multiple Companies;
  • CI/CD Pipeline: Managing data updates across Development, Testing, Integration, and Production environments;

Evidently the possible applications of Sprinkler are many more than those suggested, and more than we could imagine: we will work to make this product more and more functional and flexible so that it can become a popular tool, appreciated among the Partners and Dynamics 365 Business Central Customers.

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