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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x

<HTML><H3>Available Events</H3></HTML>

eeLite Sprinkler version exposes a set of Events that can be used to extend and integrate the Distribution Data System with other Applications. All Events are exposed by C.3072569 “eeris Spk Event Publisher”:

OnBeforeSpkInsertRecord - raised before a record Insert operation
OnAfterSpkInsertRecord - raised after a record Insert operation
OnBeforeSpkModifyRecord - raised before a record Modify operation
OnAfterSpkModifyRecord - raised after a record Modify operation
OnBeforeSpkDeleteRecord - raised before a record Delete operation
OnAfterSpkDeleteRecord - raised after a record Delete operation
OnBeforeSpkRenameRecord - raised before a record key Rename operation
OnAfterSpkRenameRecord - raised after a record key Rename operation

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