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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x

<HTML><H3>Stress Test</H3></HTML>

To verify efficiently the correctness of Sprinkler activity we developed a Stress Test, not harming in any way your data.

The simplest configuration requires the source table “eeRis Spk Test Table” to be replicated on the destination table “eeRis Spk Test Table 2” on the same Environment; the SOAP call will be performed on a WebService exposed by the Environment itself. The Stress Test can also be performed between different environments and the same result is expected.

The Stress Test consists of a succession of Insert, Modify, Rename and Delete operations, as described:

  • 10 parallel shadow sessions are created: each session must create 100 records on the source table; this operation will generate several lock errors, which must be handled correctly, and all sessions will continue until the end of the job.
  • 10 more parallel shadow sessions are created, to modify the records created; the operation will fail until the expected record is created.
  • 10 more parallel shadow sessions are created, to rename the previous records, but only if modified: before this moment they will fail.
  • 10 more parallel shadow sessions are created, to delete the renamed records: they will wail until each record is renamed.

All 40 shadow sessions are created simultaneously; they are constructed to remain active until the specific task is completed, regardless of errors: this ensures that at the end of the execution the table is in the same state it was in at the beginning of the operation.

In this way we will also be able to verify that the distribution of these operations to the destination table takes place in the correct order, regardless of the temporary chaos of the process due to lock, rollback and retry: we will see the data modification, and at the end of the operation also the destination table will be empty as the source.

Stress Test configuration

Stress Test execution

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