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eeRis Sprinkler v.22.0
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central up to v.24.0

Technical Operation of Sprinkler

Sprinkler detects all database changes using a technology very similar to that implemented by standard Change Log procedures; it is designed to minimize the performance impact on the normal operation of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Starting from Sprinkler version v.22.0, there are two different replication modes: Out of Transaction and In Transaction. Below we see the most important differences:

Out of Transaction In Transaction
Transaction Effects The transaction on the Source Peer concludes immediately without involving the Target Peer The transaction concludes only when successfully replicated on the Target Peer
Performance Impact Minimal impact: Sprinkler records operations internally High impact: data transmission is involved before closing the transaction
Data Transmission Fast: up to 1000 transactions per webservice call Very slow: up to 4 webservice calls are made for one transaction
Error on Remote Peer Has no effect on the Source Peer Causes an error on the Source Peer, with transaction rollback
Network Latency Has no effect on the Source Peer Consequently slows down transactions involving the Target Peer
Multiple Target Peers No effect on the Source Peer The transaction concludes only when all Target Peers have successfully completed replication; in case of error, the transaction is not committed on either the Target Peers or the Source Peer

For further details:

Description of Out of Transaction replication
Description of In Transaction replication

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