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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x

<HTML><H3><a class=“eeRis-Sprinkler”>Sprinkler</a> eeLite technical description</H3></HTML>

Sprinkler eeLite detects any changes made to the database, like the standard logging procedures; the code is designed to minimize the impact in terms of performance while Dynamics 365 Business Central is up and running.

When a change is made and it is expected to be distributed, this information is inserted in the table [eeRis Spk Outbox Entry]:

A specific scheduled Job Queue Entry existing on SOURCE, identified as CORE, is charged to move the record into the staging table [eeRis Spk Remote Outbox]; from here, a second Job Queue Entry, identified as HANDLER, transfers the record via a SOAP call to the Web Service exposed by TARGET. Thi call will write the data into [eeRis Spk Remote Inbox] table. A third Job Queue Entry process will copy the record into [eeRis Spk Inbox Entry], and finally replicate the operation received into the destination table.

Every transmitted transaction is stored as a single record into the previously indicated tables, and the data carries only the fields modified (if configured). The only exception to this rule is in case of RENAME modifications, for wich please refer to page RENAME Warning.

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