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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.19.1.00</H3></HTML>

  • Raise Events: all OnBefore e OnAfter events are available for Insert, Modify, Delete and Rename operations
  • Improved Error Details: the Event's subscribers are allowed to log error details
  • PanicButton: during a subscriber handling, it is possible to request to stop subsequent Sprinkler operations for an error condition
  • Embedded Test Tool: available for Partner e Developers

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.19.0.00</H3></HTML>

  • Released for Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19
  • Internal Storage handling
  • OAuth2 authentication is available for WS calls (SAAS Instances)
  • Upgrade to new PermissionSet handling objects
  • Test Tables and Stress Test available for users with “eeRis Spk Admin” Permission Set

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.18.0.00</H3></HTML>

  • Released for Dynamics 365 Business Central v.18
  • Published on Microsoft AppSource Marketplace

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.17.0.00</H3></HTML>

  • Released for Dynamics 365 Business Central v.17
  • Wizard Setup for an easy configuration
  • Setup Check Tool, to identify configuration issues
  • Single SOAP call for multiple records
  • Dashboard for diagnostic telemetry
  • Automatic recovery of Sprinkler CORE Job Queue
  • Definition of further User Permission Sets (EERIS SPK MONITORING)

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.16.0.00</H3></HTML>

  • Released for Dynamics 365 Business Central v.16
  • Licensing review
  • Sensitive Data obfuscation
  • General update for AppSource requirements
  • Sprinkler Test Application
  • Dismissal of data transfer via SSIS, no longer available.
  • Definition of User Permission Sets for Sprinkler Users (EERIS SPK ADMIN, EERIS SPK SVC, EERIS SPK USER, EERIS SPK WS)

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.1.2.00</H3></HTML>

  • Released for Dynamics 365 Business Central (as Extension 2.0)
  • Data distribution via SOAP WebServices
  • New licensing implementation for SaaS configuration

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.1.1.00</H3></HTML>

  • Released for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-premise)
  • New FAST replication (REPLICATE function)
  • SSIS activity rundown while no data has to be transferred
  • Memory consumption fix on high activity
  • Configuration Pages user experience improvements

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.1.0.00</H3></HTML>

  • Sprinkler license can be downladed via Microsoft PartnerSource (only available for registered Partners): it is now possible to add Sprinkler add-on to Customer's NAV license, using objects in ISV number range (3000000)

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.0.8.00</H3></HTML>

  • Released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
  • Data transmission implemented by a SSIS package for both Lite and eeLite editions; stored procedures has been removed
  • In Sprinkler staging database, Linked Tables has been replaced by External Tables
  • Configuration Pages user experience improvements
  • New logs for activities and errors; created a Log visualization page
  • Handling of not recognized Peer's incoming data
  • Roles & Permissions configuration; permissions needed by Sprinkler Service User has been reduced
  • New object's range provided by Microsoft
  • DeliveryLayer dismissed
  • Licensing implementation

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.0.7.00</H3></HTML>

  • Sprinkler as Extension - installation, update and uninstallation provided also as extension (NAV 2017)
  • Internal and transferred data structure reworked, to improve speed performances (XML Payload)
  • New DataType handled: BLOB, DateFormula, Duration, RecordID; not handled: Binary (deprecated), OEMCode ed OEMText (not available to developers), TableFilter, Media e Mediaset (incoming in future versions)
  • Lite - eeLite specialization
  • Configuration Pages user experience improvements

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.0.6.00</H3></HTML>

  • NAV 2017 Version (On-Premise)

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.0.5.60</H3></HTML>

  • Data distribution via SSIS packages
    • Bidirectional data distribution
    • Data distribution between more than two peers at the same time (multi-peers)
  • Observer Pattern compliance, as defined in Dynamics Community

<HTML><H3>What's New in v.0.5.00</H3></HTML>

  • NAV 2016 Version:
    • Events handling
    • TestSuite integration
  • Comunication between more than two SQL Servers (via Linked Server)
  • “On Demand” Replication Utility available for developers (How-To)
  • Segregation between Import and Export activation
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