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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x

<HTML><H3>Data Distribution Peers configuration</H3></HTML>

In this page it is possible to modify all configurations for Remote Peers

WARNING, if you delete a Peer from this list, all associated setup will also be deleted.

  • Action Retrieve Peer Information: verify the Remote Peer connection using the configured connection parameters.

The available fields are:

  • Peer ID - Each Peer is identified by his Peer ID, corresponding to the Peer ID shown in his [Data Distribution Setup] page.
  • Description - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Export activated - if the flag is on, the configured data will be distributed to the peer; otherwise the corresponding export setup will be ignored.
  • Import activated - if the flag is on, the data incoming from this Peer will be handled; otherwise they will be discarted and listed as Import Error.
  • Server Name - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Database Name - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Company Name - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Connection Type - Connection technology; only WebService is currently available.
  • Remote WebService Address - Full WebService address for the Remote Peer.
  • Remote WS Authorization Type - Authentication type for the remote WebService: Basic, Windows or OAuth2.

To define Basic and Windows Authorizations:

  • Remote WS Authorization User - User required for remote WS access. On Remote Peer, this user must have at least the permissions given by Permission Set eeRis Sprinkler WebService User.
  • Remote WS Authorization Key - Password or WS Authentication Key, as defined on Remote Peer.

To define OAuth Authorizations:

  • Client ID - The Client ID set by the referring AAD for this connection.
  • AAD Tenant ID - The AAD Tenant ID where the OAuth2 authentication is set up (to create the target URL for authentication).
  • Client Secret for OAuth2 identification - This Secret is defined by the referring AAD, for this specific Client ID.
  • Token Expires (mins) - Usually 60 minutes, but this value it can be changed on referring AAD OAuth settings; in this case you should set this field accordingly.
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