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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x

Data Distribution Peers configuration

In this page it is possible to modify all configurations for Remote Peers

WARNING, if you delete a Peer from this list, all associated setup will also be deleted.

  • Action Retrieve Peer Information: verify the Remote Peer connection using the configured connection parameters.

The available fields are:

  • Peer ID - Each Peer is identified by his Peer ID, corresponding to the Peer ID shown in his [Data Distribution Setup] page.
  • Description - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Export activated - if the flag is on, the configured data will be distributed to the peer; otherwise the corresponding export setup will be ignored.
  • Import activated - if the flag is on, the data incoming from this Peer will be handled; otherwise they will be discarted and listed as Import Error.
  • Server Name - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Database Name - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Company Name - Descriptive field, to be filled by the user.
  • Connection Type - Connection technology; only WebService is currently available.
  • Remote WebService Address - Full WebService address for the Remote Peer.
  • Remote WS Authorization Type - Authentication type for the remote WebService: Basic, Windows or OAuth2.

To define Basic and Windows Authorizations:

  • Remote WS Authorization User - User required for remote WS access. On Remote Peer, this user must have at least the permissions given by Permission Set eeRis Sprinkler WebService User.
  • Remote WS Authorization Key - Password or WS Authentication Key, as defined on Remote Peer.

To define OAuth Authorizations:

  • Client ID - The Client ID set by the referring AAD for this connection.
  • AAD Tenant ID - The AAD Tenant ID where the OAuth2 authentication is set up (to create the target URL for authentication).
  • Client Secret for OAuth2 identification - This Secret is defined by the referring AAD, for this specific Client ID.
  • Token Expires (mins) - Usually 60 minutes, but this value it can be changed on referring AAD OAuth settings; in this case you should set this field accordingly.
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