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eeRis Sprinkler v.1.1.00
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 / NAV 2017 / NAV 2018 / Dynamics 365 Business Central on-prem

Product versions

Sprinker is delivered in two editions: the first one with basic features (Sprinkler Lite); the second one offers the most advanced functionalities (Sprinkler eeLite):

Feature Sprinkler Lite Sprinkler eeLite
Nearly Real Time data replication (Insert, Modify, Delete, Rename) X
On-demand data replication (Replicate) X X
Unidirectional or bidirectional data distribution between different Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases, even different versions X X
Data distribution between different Company on the same Microsoft Dynamics NAV database X X
Data distribution between Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases, even built on different SQL Servers or Instances X X
Data distribution between Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases using a relay service hosted in Azure cloud incoming
Targeting the same table (ex. T.18 [Customer] on T.18 [Customer]) or not corresponding table (ex. T.18 [Customer] on T.50000 [Partner’s Customer]) X X
Targeting the same field (Field1 on Field1) or not corresponding field (Field1 on Field50000) X X
Different targeting setup for data imported from different master databases (ex. data for [Customer] imported from HeadQuarter master database and data for [Currency Exchange Rate] imported from Partner master database) X X
Conditional distribution described by filters on data (ex. only changes on Active Customers should be replicated) X X
Table replication utilities: REPLICATE for every record of the table X X
On-Demand single record replication function available for developers X X
Setup available to make a table or specific fields not editable, without code modification X
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