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eeRis Sprinkler v.19.4
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.19.x


OnBeforeSpkInsertRecord(SourcePeer: Guid; TargetTable: Integer; var RecRef: RecordRef; var Handled: Boolean; var ErrorMessage: Text[50]; var PanicButton: Boolean)

  • This Event will be raised before the Insert of RecRef record, from TargetTable table, as requested by SourcePeer Peer
  • The subscriber code can modify RecRef (for example, modifying a field); the inserted record will match to RecRef.
  • If Subscriber code set Handled to TRUE, Sprinkler will assume theat the operation has been done by the Subscriber; Sprinkler execution will continue raising OnAfterSpkInsertRecord Event.
  • If Subscriber code set ErrorMessage different from empty string, the record will NOT be inserted, and corresponding Entry will be moved into Data Distribution Import Error table, with Error code I-EVENTERR and Error Message corresponding to ErrorMessage. WARNING: Sprinkler operations will continue to next Entry.
  • If Subscriber code set PanicButton to TRUE, Sprinkler operations will be stopped: the actual Entry will stay in Inbox, and ErrorMessage will be logged into Sprinkler Log. To restart Sprinkler activity it is needed to correct the error, or delete the Entry from Inbox table; in both cases, Sprinkler will restart in one minute.
  • WARNING: if a Subscriber raises a not handled error, the Insert operation will be rolled back; the Error Message will be logged into Sprinkler Log and the operation will be repeated in one minute.
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