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Import Fields Selection

Using AssistEdit it is possible to setup witch fields will be imported from the Remote Peer. The AssistEdit is available only if the field value is “Some Fields”; if pushed, it shows the following page:

In this page are listed all fields to import, possibly with a transcodification of the numeric “Field No.”. Please note that it is not needed to list the fields to ignore, nor fields composing the Primary Key: fields composing the primary key are required only if a transcodification of their “Field No.” is needed.

Into the example, referred to the import of the table 18 Customer, in addition to the key, only the [Address] field incoming from the Remote Peer will be imported (writing it in the local [Address 2] field) and the [Phone No.] field.

NOTE: These setup will be lost if into the main page the value “All Fields” is selected.

WARNING: although such a configuration is technically permitted, we suggest to not translate the fields that are part of the key of a table: this translation is made in a more complex way than other translations, and it is very time-consuming.

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