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eeRis Sprinkler v.1.2.00
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 / NAV 2017 / NAV 2018 / Dynamics 365 Business Central on-prem

Advanced Replication Functionality

The menus HOME and ACTIONS of Export Data Distribution Setup show the Advanced Replicaton tools:

These tools are provided to replicate in a massive way an entire table (or a subset of records, if used with the specific filter), so they are used mostly for the initial synchronization of a database.

We have three Actions groups:

Replicate - All fields This group operates only over the actually selected table: any button send the specific operation (INSERT, MODIFY or INSERT + MODIFY) for every record of the table. The operation INSERT + MODIFY is user to copy safely the entire table, because the INSERT operation will fail if the corresponding record already exists on the target database. If the Advanced Replication Filter is set, it overwhelms the Table Export Filter; if not, the Table Export Filter is honored.

Replicate - Only configured This group differs from the previous: only the fields set up accordingly in the Export Setup are replicated.

Replicate - ALL TABLES The operation INSERT, MODIFY or INSERT + MODIFY are reported for any record (according to filters) for every table having a configuration set for Report Insert or Report Modify. The filter Advanced Replication Filter is normally not used in this case, because this filter can not be applied on every table.

WARNING: these massive operations could generate many import errors: for example for an INSERT when the record already exists. Anyway a MODIFY will fail if the record doesn't exists: so the correct strategy to duplicate a table is to apply INSERT + MODIFY, despite to the errors. The replication will not delete a target record not existing in the source database.

The Action Configuration Export is not active in this version.

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