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eeRis Sprinkler v.18.0.00
for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v.18.0

When configuration changes will be operative?

  • for data import: the new configuration will be applied in ~1 minute from the reconfiguration.
  • for data export: the restart of ALL middle tier services (except Sprinkler, not involved by this modification) will be mandatory only if NEW TABLES are set to be exported; changes like adding, modifying or deleting exportable fields for tables already set for export, or even completely disabling a table from export will be applied in ~1 minute from the reconfiguration.

We haven't found any official NAV specification about the behavior of observer pattern in case of table schema changes (for exemple, when a new .fob is imported for table set for export): we suggest in this case to follow the most conservatory steps, i.e. to restart all middle tier services on Source database; changes of schema of a table set for import will be handled by standard NAV services Synchronization, and no manual procedures are required.

Please be aware that the modification of setup could temporary create a misleading configuration, so it's definitively better to change the Data Distribution tables / fields configuration when users are not connected, and finally restart all middle tier services.

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